A short description of the project
     The purpose of the project is to prepare the Romanian population for the adheration to EU, to promote the protection of the environment and the consumers' rights. These purposes are achieved by using three methods:

Theoretical  Methods
conferences, classes, workshops and debates for the implementation of the European Community aquis, regarding the environmental and consumer rights. These will take place in Timisoara and Ciacova. There will be guests, (for the conferences and classes) from Swiss, Hungary, Germany and Romania.
Practical Methods
This method is using the AGROBIODINAMIC ways for the land in Ciacova, (18 ha at the beginning). There will be no chemical substances or pesticides used in this process, and also as a result of the research during this project the laboratories from Ciacova Agriculture College will produce agrobiodinamic substances for their own needs but also for other interested sectors .
Multimedia Methods
At the end, the project will be finalized by the publishing of a study which will be offered free to all those who are interested. There will be an active WEB page on the Internet (www.fact.ro), regarding this project. TV debates will take place in Timisoara. Also the Inspectorate for the Environment Protection Timis is involved in this project, guiding us in the European legislation and ISO 14000.

     The target groups are: pupils from Ciacova Agriculture College, students from Agriculture University Banat Timisoara, teachers and farmers, specialists in agriculture and environment protection etc. Also an important number of population will be involved in the  consumers rights campaign,  which will take place in the whole Timis County.
     The main activities  will be: workshops, conferences, classes (in Timisoara and Ciacova) research and practice biodynamic agriculture activities on the 18 ha land in Ciacova  Agriculture College.